Fat Sal's
Fat Sal's

Tutta’s Pizza (pronounced too-tahs) is the brainchild of a former systems engineer and a supply chain manager. Jeremy and Amanda Scott wanted to bring amazing pizza to the masses, pizza that no one else was doing. That pizza was going to be made from scratch, topped with slow smoked meats and fresh vegetables, and unlike any other pizza you’ve seen before… they were going to do it out of a food truck!

In September 2012, Tutta’s Pizza hit the streets of DFW and we haven’t stopped rolling since! Our Pizza Slingers have partied at the Truck Yard and the Dallas Arts District, catered weddings and birthday parties, parked at the best DFW breweries and the Dallas Zoo, fed Dallas Cowboys and so much more!

Our approach to cuisine is to take something everyone loves and put that "Tutta's" twist to it.

Deep Fried Pizza Dough Dumplings filled with an amazing concoction of our 505 Hatch Peach BBQ Filling, topped with a Hatch Peach Chimichurri, and a side of Fresh Lime Crema.